a rerelease. yes. it's the debut album of Antlers Mulm from 2003 - not less than a stunning thing. it's dedicated to German S. Titov, to the kosmonaut, to the nonconformist.
coming from his former art project Radio Eichenlaub - a constructivist's/cut up wing foundation operating with samples of tracks from the Pet Shop Boys and Orchestral Maneuovres in the Dark - Hans Johm showed up a brighter side with his new incarnation.
glissening electronic scenes, sparingly used synth layers, heavy doses of war drums and drum-machine sounds, the narrative voice; something began to move on, spreading it's audiovisual aesthetics - a origin was created. with it's "song-but-not-a-song"-songs Antlers Mulm was and is still a fundamental influence on sonic projects and bands. "silbergrauer Staub" bears the weighty seed of "snowscapes, feral loops and grubby dub" - as Hans Johm characterizes Antlers Mulm a decade later. time matters; through the years the one man project became a three head band: Stephan Spreer (Llovespell, Sunday Strain) and Martin Rauch (Johnny Punchout) came to stay.
the album has four intros or interludes: "cleaner", "c2", "c3" and "c4". name meets function.
the journey opens with "Morgenrot" a trip towards sunrise and also into the arms of a circle of questions or consequences.
"feeding you" is a second waking, a stumbling, a pre- and a post-delirium at the same time and one of THE tracks of the album. two words: relationship, society.
no words needed for one of the A.M. classics; "untruth", you may have witnessed the continuous variation of this track while seeing A.M. live from time to time.
listen to "im Meer" for the beauty of slightly deranged electronic instruments. not more.
"out of line" - a stomper that worships WoMen and nature as the facts that they seem to be. the following tracks in german language are a kind of key code in the whole ensemble: "silbergrauer Staub" and "ferne Freunde". endless space breathes, make sure you've fasten the seat belt while listening to these cosmic orgies. feel the charme, the hugging coldness, the stumbling of earthly elegance...rejoice and feel left alone. pause.
the simple but complicated "Gipfelsturm" is a on-and-on drumming instrumental dedicated to another hero of the 20th century; David Ben-Gurion. a reverse allegory. hope, youth, energy.
with the epic "sunloop" (21:06 minutes) this album let loose itself into the universal roundabout.
goodbye earthlings.